Thursday, August 23, 2012



we lost our  sweet little Shilo early this morning, he was one of five sweet little Chihuahuas to our sweet peaches  whom we lost  back last Fall


our pets are here for just a short time to give us joy & comfort but when death comes un expectantly, the pain can seem unbearable, he was fine as can be then all of a sudden he had no appetite, early yesterday evening he began to have pains & shortness of breath , Gus & Joe still cry for him as they go all over the house looking for him, they don’t want me out of their sight & even though they are here in my lap the house seems emptyboys05 

  everywhere I was ,Shilo was ,in the recliner everyday at 2:00 watching our Walton's,which I couldn’t bare to sit in today, if I was sewing he’s be right there under the window soaking up sunshine,sometimes in my lap,he would be in my lap now watching me work on the computer yes this is their heater & they know it!boys01 Terry is getting ready to go out of town this weekend, he hasn't even left yet & already I can’t wait for him to get home , it will be  a long week & I’ll just have to keep myself busy

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Denise * KKL Primitives said...

:( So very sorry for the loss of your Shilo. ((hugs))