Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This week there seems to be so much to do, I have not had time to look at fabric much less buy any, that’s a good thing , right? lol! anyways, Revivals keeping me pretty busy, going over  the music with our keyboardist, speaking of music, I’ve got to get up  a few specials for tonight & tomorrow night, so far the calendar looks clear for next week, shhhhh! don’t say that out loud because there’s “sew” much to do! lol!


here’s  a few things you can get into

Fort Worth Fabric Studio Giveaway

hubby will be on the 3-11 shift this next coming week & the big plans are to work my own 3-11 shift in the sewing room,oh the projects I’ll get done, oh the pictures! but remember, shhhhhhhh! lol!

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