Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 To be in my sewing room that is! lol! it seems recently I have to make myself be in there in order to get anything done in between, and in and out and round being busy with first one thing or another

I told a friend of mind that if the sewing room doesn’t get finished within the next week or so it will be turned into a den ,she shuttered that I would say such a thing lol!

I have however been able to hit it with a lick and a promise hanging  a few things here and there I have no over head light in  this room & with all the rearranging I’ve only put back one lamp so far, that’s why it's dark sroom02

I’m still debating to paint this green trim, I’ve had these stitcheries for years that I picked up at a craft/trade show


when I see how the letters look up against the yellow wall it makes my mind up even more to do away with the green trim DSCN1743

I’ve been arranging some of my fabrics in crates and baskets around the table, loving how it’s taking on a shop look


plans for  tomorrow has been cancelled, so far I’ll be home, so is there hope for the sewing room or will it get turned into a Den ? lol!

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Prims and Annies said...

Hi...I love the green trim..compliments the bird pictures and the BELIEVE sign I love it! I need one hanging in my craft room.
I don't think we ever get our work area arranged in the ideal way..I am always reorganizing me room.
Hope you have a really great day!
Smiles and hugs