Thursday, January 31, 2013



The Scrappy Trip Around The world That is for my new FO challenge

I’ve been cutting strips upon stripsstrips01

now should I pick strips at random, be matchy match, color coordinate, ohh the pressure of scrappy quilting lol!

there's still lots of room in my jar for more strips, I’ve rolled  them hoping this will cut down on the creases, thinking about this layout for the first block, what ya think?


I’m glad I thought about putting my strips in the jar, this way they wont get lost in the sewing room & be ready when it’s time to make some blocks

we all have UFO’s so why not start new ones, this is what this challenge is all about not about finishing old ones but starting new ones as though I don’t have too many old ones lol! be sure to visit Barbara over at for more info.

and for info and the tutorial on the Trip Around The World Quilt visit


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I love the idea of rolling those strips. I have some left over from jelly rolls and they get all messed up.

Kathleen said...

Your colors are wonderful. Are you actually going to sew the quilt? or is it a UFO?
I have signed up to follow you on e mail. I want to follow your progress. Also I would like your permission to use your idea on storing material in jars. I have a bunch of beautiful jars we were just going to trash but would be very useful for material. XX Kathleen

Aileen said...

I jumped in with both feet on the Scrappy Trip. I used my Strip system. What ever was in there. I am so excited I got 25 strip sets so far. It will be a throw for watching TV. If I get addicted I will make a queen size one for the bed. I just did light dark very random. Out of my comfort zone. Sewed one block tonight. I love it. Didn't hurt a bit to just let go.

Tami C said...

I really like your idea about putting your strips in the jar and I think it's a great one! I have made Bonnie Hunter's "Trip Around The World", which is a very similar design to the one you are doing. It too is found on Bonnie's blog under the Free Patterns tab. I really enjoyed making that one.

Shepody Mountain Crafter said...

What a creative idea for storing fabric and love the scrappy quilt idea, looks fun to do.