Monday, April 29, 2013


what a day today! had a dentist appointment at my other dentist that does my deep cleaning etc., they didn't bother to tell me they’d move so image my surprise when my hand went for the door & a man steps out & says this is my house! oh mercy, omg! I’m so sorry I say,so I go round the corner & asked where’s they move, they give me directions which didn’t make sense , needless to say I got tired of looking for it & went home & called & so up another appointment e so tomorrow I will try again lol!


after the trauma of trying to break in on somebody lol! I went to check on a friend, we had supper then hit Hancock's for more fabrics, all was not lost today as I managed to cut out 13 more strips for my scrappy trip around the world quilt


speaking of little things , I love my little bird bath that holds my pins, when I saw this in Michaels on clearance I knew it had to come home with me & be the keeper of the pins! lol!


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Too funny... I must tell you what I did.. My daughter [teacher] had to go to Jackson for a 2 day seminar. She ask me to go with her and her 2 girls and we could have a girls retreat..[what fun]. Only problem I had to have a colonoscopy the morning we were to leave. It was at 5:00 am. anyway, after being put to sleep, I was pretty out of it, for most of the trip.. The doctor told my daughter to stop along the way and for me to walk.. well, she stopped at Wal mart. I "THOUGHT' I was pretty awake.. I told her I was going to the bathroom.. So thankful that my granddaughter went with me. anyway, I start to push open the bathroom door, and my little 7 yr old granddaughter says ,ever so sweetly, " Oh Maw, you can't go in there, that is the men's bathroom." hahaha
I love your birdbath pin holder too..beautiful

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Love your birdbath pin holder - so cute!