Friday, April 26, 2013



scrolling through my Pinterest board, makes me want to make pincushions, hat pins, anything related to pins lol! I haven't  had much time as I’d like to so send in the sewing room these days with dentist appointments, root canals, doctor visit’s , scans & more test , going out of town off & on to check on two of hubbys Aunt’s who's’ not doing too well

as I’m looking through my pincushion board I think of the  many small things that seems to always take a  back seat, seems like the smaller the project the faster right? so what’s up with that? anyways next week I hope to do a series of  small things, so keep an eye out for post that go something like this….little things day one….little things day two….

Hancock's has Kwick sew patterns on sale for 20% off & Vogue for $3.99 so off I go for more patterns for when I have time for more big things lol! if you follow my Nannas Place blog you’ll see I’ve joined the sew your own wardrobe for  a year challenge, so far the challenge is getting to the sewing room lol!

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Sew Blessed Maw said...

I have that same problem... Not enough time.. and lots of projects get to my sewing room.. But, isn't it fun? Love it..
bty-- your blog is so pretty.