Monday, July 29, 2013


the other day was a good productive day, I went into the sewing room off & on all day & worked on my scrappy quilt, got seven more strips ready to assemble into blocks100_7453

I guess I was in a hurry on this one the last block didn’t quite go to the endtrip16

I tried  to hide it with the rotary cutter for the picture lol!


humm to fix it I’d have to go from a 12” block to a 10: then do all of them 10 humm no! I wont do it!scrapes! where’s my scraps! awww one little scrap just the right size & it was the only only lol!I sewed it to the end &trip14

waa laa just right, shhhhh you didn’t see that! lol!

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