Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I recently got an email from a lady asking about  a post I made on Tilda dolls a while back, there was one she dearly loved & had been searching for a pattern


I responded that that there are basic patterns out there & many different ways to make them that I also have a Tilda pattern/tutorial board as well as just Tildas

we all pin most things because they're just cute right? helps us dream etc. lol! it is never nice to make & sell someone's design but if you’re making  something for yourself most things can be adapted, with a basic pattern you can make your Tilda creation all your own


here is a basic body pattern, just scroll down a bit

this is a bigger pic of it on my board if that helps better

click my pinterest button for more Tilda inspirations & patterns

I haven’t made any Tildas just yet but they are on the wantta make list lol! if you keep up with my other blogs you’ll see I’m into quite a lot lol!

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