Saturday, February 15, 2014


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This past week I was out of town watch my grand's while daughter & oldest grand daughter went to Mexico with Missionary friends of ours , there’s so much to tell & so much posting to catch up on on all my blogs but first let me tell you about my scrappy quilt progress, finally , right? lol!

In my grand daughters room there is an art desk which made the perfect  sewing table LOL


so the sewing of the two remaining rows began & taa daaa!


I had a really good picture of all three holding it up but it turned out blurry, don’t you just hate when that happens? lol! one left me  so Madison & Reece decided they needed to measure it to see show big it was lol!


I’m home now, sure could use that big space to finish it up lol! while I was there  there was snow, lots & lots of snow! so they were out of school for 4 days, lots of snow ball fights, cookie making, helping me sew oh & Hannah sent me to Wal-Mart  that first night & when I came back they’d set me up a surprise birthday party , sweetness!

I was able to work on most of all my challenges but not able to add from her computer so the quilt backing wont happen for at least another two weeks , gotta a whole lot of uploading  & posting to , have till 10 PM  tonight to upload my dress for the Little White Dress Challenge & write a review then all the others

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willa croft said...

The quilt is absolutely beautiful! I can't imagine all the work that went into it! How wonderful that your family sneaked in a surprise birthday party for you. What a lovely surprise.

We enjoyed an evening with the GKs last night. It always an wonderful adventure!