Monday, October 27, 2014



 this made me laugh when a friend sent it to me on face Book, I replied back but I don’t have a door lol! for you see my sewing room is off my bedroom, there use to be a big Jacuzzi  in the middle of the floor but we had it removed before we bought the house, I discovered today  show time is closer than I thought, we’re talking losing  a whole week lol! so in the next two weeks things will be flying in the sewing room, the machine will be smoking, candles will burn at both ends, it may even flow out into the bedroom lol!

I quickly made a supply list to make sure I have everything, you know how it is, once you leave to go to town you never get back lol

muslin         fiber fill

threads       buttons

ric rac         laces

patterns     grapevine wreaths

paints          stain

cinnamon   sandpaper

felt                 embellishments

glitter           glue

yarns            jute

homespun’s    solids  stripes

did I forget anything? lol!


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