Wednesday, October 8, 2014


 mercy has it been over  a month since we last chatted? where does the time go? since I’m down to one show a year & once in a blue moon maybe two this poor little blog goes unnoticed, I often wonder if I should just let it die gracefully, then there are day when I want to freshen it up  make it pop! I think half of my followers have abandoned me & I can’t really blame them as there’s nothing exciting happening over here as I often think prims & doll making are the only interest they have when they come here, my other three blogs are always hopping but this one seems to always be at a stand still

back when I was doing over six shows  a year there was always something to do as I needed to work on things all year long so I think one  two  day show has perhaps has made this poor little blog go unnoticed, here it is less than  two months away from my two day Christmas show, there’ll be  whole lotta stuff going down for the next two months lol! but after that? what then? how do you handle your raggedy blog, do you make a little every week along the way, is it the only blog & you share other things?

sometimes I lure you over to my other blogs  just so you can see I’m doing something lol! but there are those  that truly only interested in the dollies etc.& that’s ok I’m just not sure  how to keep this one going with  doing only one show  a year now, ideals would be welcomed!

any ideals how to wow a table? this show has been a great one for me for over the last ten years & always sell nearly everything, this year I want it to  be one of those tables that lures you from across the room lol! I also have repeat customers that are  always waiting for me every year


Annie with her Snowman is one of my top sellers, I just never make enough  so this year there will be more than two, I actually have the snowmen made “somewhere” pg2

I think back how good the bigger Annie's sell & tell myself yea there should be more of those this year


Happy customers

loachapoka07 004

sometimes I miss my Fall shows

loachapoka07 009

while organizing the sewing room I found some UFO’s lol!


speaking of the sewing room I’ve decided to repaint it a totally different color, my sister is giving me a set of curtains that will make it be just  glorious! *hint* “tulle” I’m sure if when I take everything out it will all fit back in lol!

so when you have more than just a Prim/Raggedy blog do you stick with just that theme? do you mix it up with your other blogs, I don’t have these issues in my head with my cooking blogs lol! a few  followers but never any comments but  I look at it as a journal to keep up with recipes so it’s all good, my Ministry blog as well I look at it as a journal to keep up with my notes, events etc.

with just one  show a year with the possibility  of two, what can I do to keep this poor blog alive? I supposedly have 67 followers, surely there is some good advice amongst you somewhere lol!

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